**Please Take a Moment to Read the Following Important Information.**
It may answer any questions that you may have.
Reserving a Puppy

             A $250.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve the pup of your choice.  This deposit will be applied to the price of your puppy.  Deposits are only refunded if the seller determines that the chosen pup has a health problem that will prevent it from  being a healthy pet quality puppy.

We accept the following forms of payment:
Official Certified Bank Check
Paypal **
Money order
Cash (US $)
Personal checks***

** there is an additional 3.2% surcharge when paypal is used
*** accepted only if payment is received at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled delivery date.

                         Pups are generally deemed ready for new homes at 7 - 9 weeks of age.  (Please note that if you are flyig in to pick up your puppy and flying back with it in the cabin that USDA regulations require that the puppy be at least 8 weeks old.) Included with the purchase of your new puppy you will receive:  2 of the required vaccinations, current parasite treatments, a vet exam just prior to delivery, bag of puppy food, blanket,  & a toy.   The toy & blanket will be items that the pups have used so that it will give the pup a familiar feel in its new home.  

If you are unable to pick up a puppy within one week of its availability date, please wait on a litter of puppies that will be ready at a time that is suitable for you to take home.  I do not hold puppies for extended periods of time beyond the available dates posted.  Should you make a deposit and then not be able to get your puppy within a week of availability, you will forfeit the deposit unless you discuss this issue with me well in advance and a suitable arrangement is reached.  Also, deposits are not transferable to a different puppy unless I determine that there is a health related issue with the puppy you originally chose.   A deposit it to hold one specific puppy only.  It is not transferable.   

Visits by appointment only
Shipping is no longer available due to the increased regulations by Delta. They have significantly increased the wait time at airports and layover for live animals.  The USDA has also increased regulations on breeders who ship.  These regulations have caused shipping to be just to difficult from my area.  It is just too stressful on a puppy.  It is the downside to living in rural Mississippi.  


I will provide you with a signed agreement that outlines the warranty.  I will expect a signed copy from you in return. I can easily email the agreement to you at your request so that you may read the actual contents of the agreement. Essentially the agreement states the following:

Our puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic defects for one year from their birth date. We guarantee that our puppies are healthy & free of communicable disease when they leave here & for 5 days following delivery .  Pups should be seen by buyer's own vet within 5 days from date of delivery of pup.  This time frame gives the new buyer protection from illness the puppy may have possibly contracted at the breeders kennel and limits breeders liability for the puppy's exposure to illness after it leaves their care.  Owners are required to continue proper pet care including, but not limited to proper veterinary care.  Failure to do so will render any warranties null & void.  It is best to keep pups away from other pups, pet stores, city streets, parks and playgrounds,etc., until pups are 16 weeks of age and have had a complete series of puppy vaccinations. Puppies are not released until our vet says the puppies are clear of parasites, both internal & external.

Parasites, internal or external, are not covered by guarantee. While everything possible is done to assure all pups are free of these "pest",  parasites occur in nature and can easily be missed by treatments.  Even State Regulations do not cover these particular problems.

If  your puppy is found to be not sound /healthy (with a hand-written , signed letter from your vet), you may return said puppy for a full refund or a replacement puppy (if and/or when one is available).  We reserve the right to have a second opinion if we deem it necessary.

If at any time you decide the dog is not working out for you or need to rehome it for ANY reason, we reserve the right of first refusal.  We have a lifetime take back policy. If you feel the need, we will take a pup/dog back & do our best to rehome it for you.  This does not imply any refunds.

If you would like to read the actual terms of the agreement, please click the link below.  However, this is a blank copy and pertinent information would need to be completed before signing.



It is not advisable for small puppies to be placed with families with several small children. We will evaluate each prospective owners' situation & try to determine the best outcome for all concerned.  We reserve the right to NOT sell our puppies to people if we do not  feel it will be in the puppy's best interest

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