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If you are considering purchasing one of our precious puppies, please take the time to read the following pages.  While we are happy to talk with you, many of your questions may be answered in the information provided here.   Policies are in place for a reason and they apply to everyone. Thank you. Tonia

updated 03/28/15
Photos updated approximately every two weeks.
Please refresh this page each time you visit.  I remove puppies from this  page shortly after a deposit is placed. 

Future Litters Due

    Rose & Red - mid April expecting reds, apricots and buffs
    Tammy & Merlin - late April (unconfirmed) merles (both black and brown), blacks & brown

    Olivia & Tucker - late April black/white parti, & sables

If you wish to be notified when new puppies are to be made available, please email and ask to be added to the contact list.  Those on the contact list will be notified about availability prior to advertising.