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Colston - a  Robyn/Tobie pup
Maggie - a Cissy/Red puppy

Mocha - a Jinx/Merlin pup
Nina -
A Cora/Tobie pup
Ryder - a Penny/Tobie puppy
Tort in MS (his parents are law students) - A Lizzie/Jack pup
Cooper in TN - Zoe/Jack pup
Boomer & one of "his boys" in LA - a Shay/Jack pup
Rosey (left) - a Nala/Teddy pup & her pal Cooper
Jackson and his beauties
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Gracie - a Robyn/Tobie puppy
Winnie a Robyn/Parker
Oliver - a Frannie/Red puppy
Rusty - a Suzy/Jack pup
Millie - a Blondie/Tucker
Buddy (a buff) - a Bree/Red pup
PBC (a sable) - a Karma/Merlin pup
Louie (a brown merle) - a Crickett/Merlin pup

Penny (a black merle) a Callie/Tucker pup

Rafa (a chocolate brown) - a Rose/Merlin pup
Sadie - a Frannie/Red puppy
Harley - A Sam/Red pup
Ben (a black/white parti) - a Lacie/Speck pup
Wookie (a buff) - a Tammy/Merlin pup

Agnes - a Karma/Red pup
Charlee - a Robyn/Tobie pup

Charlie a Cora/Tobie pup
Waffles - a Cora/Tobie puppy
Meli a Robyn/Parker
Scout - a Blondie/Tucker puppy
Sam - (a black merle)  a Rose/Merlin pup
and Maggie a sable pup
Rusty - a Suzy/Jack pup

a Robyn/Tobie puppy

Pansy a Callie/Merlin pup and Dottie
a Candy/Jack pup

Sullie - an Attala County Cockapoo

     Lexie - a Blondie/Tucker pup w/ friend
Nina again -
A Cora/Tobie pup

Louie again (a brown merle) - a Crickett/Merlin pup
Pepper -  Our International Pup

And the award for travelling the furtherest to aquire their fur friend goes to Meep & Glenda!!
The space to the right is to to acknowledge Attala County Cockapoos' first international puppy.  Meep & Glenda travelled all the way from Holland to the US in Oct. '06, to acquire their new addition, Pepper.  Pepper now resides in The Hague & seems to be adjusting quite nicely to his European digs.  Thanks to Meep & Glenda for sending me the photos & giving Pepper a special place in their hearts & home.  Scroll down to see additional Attala County Kennel pups in their new homes.  Keep 'em coming.  I love it. 

Honey/Teddy pup

Dansby - Abbie-Red pup

Mazie and Lutzie - Callie-Stache pups
Lutzie - Callie-Stache pups
Benji - a Cora/Tobie pup
Casper -  a Cora/Tobie pup
God bless &
our troops
Tonia & Mike Hatcher
Quality hobby breeders of f1 cockapoos in central Mississippi. 
Waffles - Cora/Tobie pup

Oreo - Olivia/Speck pups
Mackie - Frannie/Red pup

- a Louis Goldie/Red pup

Bogey - a Dakota/Prescott pup

Cooper -

Corrie - Cora/Tobie pup

Finn - Frannie/Dak pup
- Franklin -

Gage - a Goldie/Red pup