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Buddy in MS - A Lizzie/Jack Pup
Bear (right) & his wheaton terrier friend In WV - a Trudy/Jack pup

  Moonlight - An Abby/Jack pup
Quincy (left) - A Honey/Jack pup & Ardie (right) - A Chloe/Stache pup from MS at Barkus (doggie Mardi Gras
Maggie - A Nala/Red pup
Rocket - a Boo/Jack pup in MA
Zoe in MS - A Becca/Jack pup
Buster (left) & Bree (right) in AZ- Tess/Jack pups

Mouchy & pal in NY - a Chloe/Stache pup
Bruiser in AL -
A Hannah/Jack pup
Boo & friend - A Mia/Jack pup
Prissy & her pal Anna in AL - an
Abby/Jack pup

Moonlight (left) an Abby/Jack pup
& neighborhood pal, Lulu (right) a
Savannah/Teddy pup

Mamie in AL - A Chloe/Bentley pup
Libby in MS a Becca/Jack pup
Riley in VA - a Nala/Teddy pup
Tort in MS (his parents are law students) - A Lizzie/Jack pup
Cooper in TN - Zoe/Jack pup
Boomer & one of "his boys" in LA - a Shay/Jack pup
Rosey (left) - a Nala/Teddy pup & her pal Cooper
Lollie in TX - a Darla/Stache pup
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Lilly in NC sporting a "cocker do"
A Chloe/Stache pup
Furgie in MS
A Belle/Teddy pup
Riley & friend in WA
A Honey/Teddy pup
Abby in Maryland
A Savannah/Teddy pup
Tiger (left) a Darla/Stache pup & Abby (right) a Lizzie/Jack pup in FL
Sadie - Becca/Jack pup in TX
Molly - a Chloe/Stache pup in AL
Bailey (back) a Mia/Stache pup
and her friend Freckles
Blondie - a Savannah/Teddy pup in AL
Harley - a Trixie/Philippe pup
Lilly in NC - A Chloe/Moustache pup
We are proud to announce that Lilly has earned her TDI (Therapy Dog International) and her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Awards & is now certified to visit nursing homes, schools & hospitals to bring the smiles to others that she brings to her owners.  Thanks, Sherri for the photo & the update.  I am very proud!  If there are others out there that have earned awards, we encourage you to let us brag about it here!
God bless &
our troops
Tonia & Mike Hatcher
Quality hobby breeders of f1 cockapoos in central Mississippi.