Prices are determined by the color/gender combination and supply/demand.  There is no difference in the quality pups.  All pups are ready for new homes between 7 - 9 weeks of age.  The price includes two of the required shots, a vet health check just prior to leaving for the new home, current parasite treatments, samples of the food that the puppy has eaten while in my home, a complete health record, a small harness with leash, & a few toys that have been tried & tested by your puppy here.


PARTIS  - $1000 -1300


BUFF, RED, BROWN  $1100-1500

Prices are subject to change w/o notice depending on
colors/availability and demand.

A NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $250 will hold the pup of your choice.  The puppy will remain available on my website until you tell me that the check or money order is in the mail or until I receive the deposit via paypal.  Once I am told the check is in the mail, I will allow 5 business days to receive.  If not received in that timeframe, the puppy will become available again.  (Unfortunately, people who say they will do something and do not do it makes this policy necessary.  I cannot tell you how many times I have taken a puppy off of the website only to have to repost it because folks made commitments they did not keep.) The deposit is applied toward the purchase price of your puppy.  The only reason for a possible refund is that I or my vet determines that the health of the pup you chose is questionable in someway.  Under those circumstances, you are eligible to apply the deposit toward another pup or a full refund.
  Shipping is no longer available due to the increased regulations by Delta. They have significantly increased the wait time at airports and layover for live animals.  The USDA has also increased regulations on breeders who ship.  These regulations have caused shipping to be just too difficult from my area.  It is too stressful to me and  too stressful on a puppy.  It is the downside to living in rural Mississippi.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  We may revisit this issue if the regulations are changed.

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