Premium pet food to get your new puppy off to a good start. I feed Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy Food.  It is in a blue & tan colored bag.  I will enclose a sample bag in the packet you receive with your puppy.   This food is not generally found at local Wal-Mart, PetSmart, etc.  You will likely have to check w/ local farm/feed/co-op.  Tractor Supply Co. nearly always has this brand.  If you change foods, you should do it gradually after your puppy is adjusted to his new home.  Use ¼ new food to ¾ old food to start with & gradually switch over to what ever food you prefer.  The Diamond website is & has a "Where To Buy" tab.

Food & water bowls - I prefer the stainless steel, non-tip variety.  Easily cleaned up by placing in the dishwasher & less likely to harbor germs/bacteria.

A placemat to protect your floors if not feeding inside the crate

A collar/harness and a leash  - I prefer the 6 foot length leash that's 1/2 - 3/4 inches wide. (Please consider  using a "breakaway" collar or harness with plastic clips that will unsnap in case your puppy gets hung up on  something). A small harness and leash will be included in your puppy packet when you receive your pup.  I personally prefer the haress to a collar because it prevents choking. 

A crate or training kennel  - I recommend a wire crate (about 24"x17"x20"). These fold down wire crates  are available at Wal-Mart for approximately $45.  Your puppy is accustomed to & has been staying in  a wire crate here. Make sure you block off just a small portion for a puppy.  The wire crates at  Wal-Mart & most pet supply stores will have a divider so that you can make the crate size adjustable.   When crate training your puppy, you want the area just big enough for them to stand up, turn  around and lay down.  If yours does not come with a divider, you can stack boxes in one in to limit the puppies' space.  These crates are wonderful to create your pup's "home at home".  It will  provide him/her with their own space for quiet time, napping, etc.

Bedding - sherpa or fleece bedding is good.  You will want a couple in case of soiling.  Initially, I usually use old dish cloths or towels because there will be some soiling and those are easily washed.

A travel crate -  These are wonderful for  short trips to the vet, etc.

Toys - plenty of chew toys  - Nylabone is a good high quality toy that helps relieve teething. Also Kong  makes a wonderful toy that you fill w/ treats.  Great for keeping your puppy entertained & out of  trouble.  I will send a couple of toys/blankies that have been played with here home with each  puppy.   I have had clients order a snuggle puppy toy and have them sent to my home and then sent to puppies' new home w/ the puppy.  These clients have had nothing but praise for this toy    snuggle puppy toy with heartbeat

Only Natural Pet® Hemp Calming Support Soft Dog Chews  - I find these helpful for dogs/puppies during stressful circumstances. 

Treats - I love the Mother Hubbard brand available at Petsmart.  My dogs love the P'Nutter & chicken flavors.  Also, yogurt treats are much favored here.

Stain remover for accidents - Nature’s Miracle is  a good brand.

Flea, tick and parasite controls.  Consult your vet on this.  Some products are not as safe for young  pups.  I recommend most Adams products, but they are not advisable for pups under 12 weeks of  age.

Grooming supplies:
      pin brush
      steel toothed comb
      nail clippers
      shampoo (natural oatmeal or a puppy shampoo) & conditioner
      doggie dental supplies (toothbrush & paste)
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