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AKC Brown Miniature Poodle

Tarhill's Baby Hummer Four

Norman's Frenchy Brn
PR01578402 (04-04) AKC DNA #V338361
Ambrosia's Brown Dakota{{60413303 (07-01) BR AKC DNA # V208172

CH DE Lorch's Didja Ever
PP36374303 (03-94) Br
Bruce's Little Karina
PP44877102 (10-95) BLK
Sisco's Lady Bug
PP61354001 (05-03) APCT
Sisco and Tams Red Bijou
PP54842501 (05-99) Rd AKC DNA #V106050
Sisco's Lepetitte Dominique
PP51015103 (06-98) Br
Norman's Kalua Brn
P)R01866801 (09-04) BR
Abrosia's Brown Dakota
PP60513303 (07-01) BR AKC DNA # V208172
CH DE Lorch's Didja Ever
PP36374303 (03-94) Br
Bruce's Little Karina
PP44877102 (10-95) BLK
Ambrosia's Brown Megan
PP1798705 (04-02) BR
CH DE Lorch's Didja Ever
PP36374303 (03-94) Br
Callimont's Tender Touch
PP50460201 (02-00) BR
Tarhills Chocolate Truffles

Stinson's Lil Harley
PR03424902 (10-05) Blk wh mkgs
Ciara's Little Joker
PP64074604 (11-02) Wh
AKC DNA #V289690
Fancy Man Jr. 
PP58541801 (11-00) Wh
Lil Miss Cloud Puff
PP57973601 (05-01) Wh
Byrd's Evening in Paris
PR00942303 (10-03) Blk
Chipper Studley Pooh
PP59798604 (12-00) Apct
Cedar Hill's Ce Ce Brown
PP48003601 (05-99) Cr
Byrd's Dark Cloudy Fluff  PR02154801 (0605) BLK
Stancil's Gizzie Qut-Modo
PP48553302 (01-99) Br
AKC DNA #V114427
Stancil's Dirt Dober Sparkey
PP42484502 (08-96) Blk
AKC DNA #V127955
Crocker's Suzzett Mitchell
PC134749 (06-90) Br
My Sweet Chantel
PP65627203 (09-03) Blk
Martin's One in a Million
PP58985602 (01-01) Wh
AKC DNA #V114428
Martin's Lil Smidgen
PP55693002 (03-00) Blk

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