Attala County Cockapoos is a small family operated hobby kennel located in central Mississippi dedicated to breeding quality 1st generation cockapoos & cocker spaniels.
Cockapoos are the hybrid cross between the American  Cocker Spaniel & the poodle.  Their popularity has steadily risen over the last 20 or so years. 

We have raised cockers for many years but, after much  research & thought, have decided to raise cockapoos as
well.  You get the low shedding &, intelligence of the poodle, mixed with the merry disposition of the cocker.   

Also, our vet tells us that cross breeding for cockapoos  helps to reduce the probability of the health problems  associated with each breed.

The advantages of the cockapoo crossbreed are:

Our cockers are AKC registered & have champion lines & our mini poodles come from a top producing kennel to produce the most healthy, temperamentally sound puppies for our cockapoo purchasers

The puppies are all raised in our home, socialized with people, health guaranteed, come fully vaccinated and wormed. We provide vet references.   We hope you enjoy our site & feel free to contact us to see if we have your new family member!
We are independently owned & operated & are not affiliated financially or otherwise with any other breeders or sponsors.

On this site I include a number of  links. These are links of aquaintances that I believe to be reputable.  However, I do not assume any liability for the content of these websites. Additionally, in regards to medical, registration, classified ads, dog food, or other sites including breeder links, I have not investigated and/or qualified any of these organizations. You will need to perform your own investigation of these organizations.  Use this information at your own liability.
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No part of this web site may be reproduced in any form without express written permission.  This includes and is not limited to the graphics on this site (unless otherwise noted).
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We wish you all the joy & blessings of the Christmas Season. 
The Hatcher Family

We at Attala County Cockapoos pray for you all to have a blessed & safe Christmas season as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  We pray especially for the men & women serving in our military everywhere across the globe.
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